Digital Services

We empower communities by providing better access to digital connectivity and services

GDS Digital provides connectivity services that put digital at the heart of the community. We connect the digitally disadvantaged by delivering secure, super-fast broadband to remote, vulnerable or low-income locations, and offering people the opportunity to transform the way they engage and interact with local authorities and agencies.

It’s about providing a platform to deliver enhanced digital services to a wider range of people than ever before, as well as preparing for future digital opportunities such as IoT. Making lives better, one connection at a time.

Our Services

Digital Citizen

Delivers secure, affordable, super-fast internet to remote, vulnerable and low-income households, helping transform the way they engage and interact with local authorities and public sector agencies through a range of self-service options.

Digital Colleague

Harnesses the power of the cloud and ubiquitous connectivity to provide public sector employees with access to predictable and secure enterprise-grade IT, so they can deliver the services customers need, wherever they are needed.

Digital Home

Uses the power of sensors to communicate data to and from citizens’ homes, reducing the time and expense needed to collect critical information, and allowing agencies to improve how they allocate resources and maintain assets.