Working for Customers' Financial Futures

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Learn to navigate uncertainty - regulation and legacy in a crisis

Discover how to drive a new kind of 'operational innovation'

Delve into the promise, potential, and hype of AI in banking

Strategize on investing in the future of banking with strategic automation

Explore how COVID-19 has irreversibly transformed investment strategies

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Speakers Include

Solomon Madadha

Raj Velmurugan

Brian Solis

SVP Data Analytics & Governance


Global Innovation Evangelist

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Working for our Customers' Financial Futures

The challenges of implementing real-time payments and the impact of this on your broader payment’s transformation strategy

Panel 1: The Promise, Potential, and Hype of AI in Banking

What is possible with ML tools and what can be done today to position yourself for success tomorrow

Solomon Madadha, SVP Data Analytics & Governance, Regions Bank

Raj Velmurugan, SVP IT & CIO, Salem Five Bank 

Track 1: Strategic Automation: Investing in the Future of Banking

Strategies for improving data visibility and hygiene across the organization, right use cases for AI/ML algorithms and the right mix of human vs ML & RPA for successful automation

Track 2: Navigating Uncertainty: Regulation and Legacy in Crisis

Navigating the move towards open banking, stricter data-protection standards, and platform plays

Track 3: Driving a New Kind of  'Operational Innovation'

Helping your teams to build for the future, learn from failure, and avoid the sunk-cost fallacy

Personalizing your Product Offerings: The Next Generation

Morning two


Biometrics and the Challenge of Digital Identity

What should you do to ensure we can trust, control and monitor customer data?

Interactive Panels

Panel 1:  Dr Robot or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Algorithm

How can you mitigate the risks of the AI black box? 

Andrew Stevens, Quadient 


Track 1: Strategic Automation: Investing in the Future of Banking

Track 2: Navigating Uncertainty: Regulation and Legacy in Crisis

Track 3: Driving a New Kind of  'Operational Innovation'


Solution Provider Case Study – A Challenge Addressed 


Creating a CX that Surprises and Delights

As the industry continues to evolve, we need to consider how to create novel experience for our customers in order to retain their business



Track 1: Strategic Automation: Investing in the Future of Banking

Track 2: Navigating Uncertainty: Regulation and Legacy in Crisis

Track 3: Driving a New Kind of  'Operational Innovation'

Closing Keynote

The Age of the Neo Bank 

Brian Solis

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NG Banking Innovation Digital Summit

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Workshop 1: Risk in 2021: Data-Driven Predictions in a Time of Constant Change 

Join us as we map out a way forward through disparate datasets, automation, and predictive analytics to a place where explainable AI and no-code decision trees allow customizable, transparent predictions to happen in the time of COVID. 

Julian Jerzerick, Solutions Architect, Altair 


Calling All Outstanding Banking Leaders 


This award will recognize any Banking professional who has made a significant contribution to their organization over the last 12 months. Judges are particularly interested in seeing evidence of how entrants have remained responsive to political and social issues, as well as more conventional macro and micro-economic circumstances. Evidence of robust leadership, strategic expertise and improved business performance is essential.

Finalists will be informed in advance of the Summit, and the winner of the Banking Leader of the Year Award will be presented at a live virtual ceremony during the Summit.

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