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21st CIO Insight event | 6-8 April, Atlanta, USA

What is it?

Taking place from 6 – 8 April at the wonderful Château Élan in Atlanta, Georgia the US edition of our CIO Insight Summit will bring together senior IT decision-makers and business leaders from across North America to share experiences, discover new ideas, and discuss the hottest topics in tech.

How does it work?

Every GDS Summit has one stated aim: to help attending executives implement their key projects more effectively. We do this by developing an in-depth understanding of those executives' project needs, the business outcomes they want to achieve, and the challenges they face in terms of hitting those goals.

Who Has Attended?

Our summits are designed for executives looking to take their business to the next level – from market-leading brands to disruptive new entrants. As such, we’ve worked with some of the world’s best-loved and most forward-thinking businesses.

Paul Moulton

Kerry O'Donnell

Sumit Anand

Endre Walls


Executive Director

Chief Strategy Officer and CIO


Snapshot of the Agenda

Château Élan, Atlanta, Georgia

Cognitive Computing – exploring AI and ML use cases to solve business problems, not upgrade business processes.

Digital Transformation – breaking down what digital transformation means to your organization, employees, and customers.

Legacy cultures and systems– how technology is changing the way we lead, collaborate with, and inspire our workforce.

Security & Risk – the realities of increased malicious and regulatory security concerns.

The Future of Work People and Culture – focusing on emotional intelligence and company culture to drive diversity, address the skill gap, and improve employee retention.

Innovation, implementation, and integration – the headaches associated with implementing scaled change, strategies for assessing the impact of emerging technologies, and looking at potential use cases and industry standards for new technologies.

Our summit is focused on solving your strategic challenges

Our events take place at some of the most prestigious venues in the world. Five-star accommodation, dining and amenities make attending one of our summits both business and pleasure. Being productive has never been so much fun.

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Building Forwards and Backwards: The Experiential CIO.

Security, Resilience and Continuity.

The exciting players are not just building for the consumer space but also giving the employee better IT tools to do their work with. If you’re not building great tools to keep your employees engaged, it becomes a talent retention problem. This falls on the CIO’s shoulders. A recent survey said that 75% of CIOs will fail in their job if they don’t turn their IT group into an enabler for digital transformation. As the labor market tightens, CIO’s need to focus on engaging employees, improving their experience, and keeping them on board.

  • Understanding what assets to priorities by exploring risk-based approaches to security.
  • Focusing on high-availability in an environment where business-continuity is the only option.
  • Mitigating the risks of having data in motion within the enterprise.

Mitigating the risks of having data in motion within the enterprise.

  • Focusing on architecture as the building blocks for transformation, automation, and innovation.
  • How to disrupt as little of the environment as possible when scaling change.
  • Strategies for avoiding optimizing a redundant process, tool, or service.

Becoming a Resilient Leader.

Your fellow business leaders are learning about the different technologies available every day. As the authority on tech within the organization, it is important to develop a leadership style that stops you from being stuck in the trenches and seeing the full picture.

  • Learning how to take a step back, set expectations, and develop a realistic strategy.
  • Aligning your fellow executives’ vision with your own to drive innovation.
  • Developing your leadership style to see better returns on a team of diverse perspectives.


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