Digital Innovation Insight Summit

Carlsbad, California • November 4 - 6, 2019

Aligning Digital Expectation with Physical Experience

Taking place from 4 – 6 November 2019, a host of North America’s most senior decision-makers and business leaders from across multiple industries will descend upon the beautiful Omni La Costa Resort & Spa in Carlsbad, California for our fourth edition of the Digital Innovation Insight Summit, to discuss the most pressing challenges in the fast-moving innovation sector.

The fourth edition of the Digital Innovation Insight Summit will be discussing: 

1. How-to masterclass – Scaling innovation beyond the lab

2. Thought leadership – from legacy to leading-edge: becoming innovation-ready; and Understanding the Augmented Reality ecosystem 

3. How to deliver real value to your business through AR today and for the future and much more.

Expect case studies that lift the lid on operations inside best-in-class organisations, workshops and collaborative sessions that focus on real challenges and future technology innovations.

One-to-one meetings with industry peers will offer you practical advice tailored to your specific needs. The summit will provide you with everything you need to implement your key projects more effectively.

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6 Challenges in Digital

Negotiating with the business – getting projects greenlit and past the pilot stage, exploring how to get access to sensitive, historical or interaction data

Road-mapping and testing – from research to execution; when is it time to progress a product and validate in a dynamic way

Barriers to change – the headaches associated with legacy systems, the grumblings of cultural shifts, and the necessity of developing strategies to implement scaled change.

Cognitive computing and automation – exploring ML and AI use cases to solve real business problems

Communicating experience – setting the right expectations to drive good UX and avoiding the uncanny valley

Bilateral innovation – looking outside your ecosystem and leveraging it to drive, implement, and scale innovation.

Summit Schedule

Day 1

Day 3

Day 2

Panel: Innovate, scale and stay consistent: learn how even the largest companies can act lean and provide a cohesive consumer experience at scale.


  • Negotiating to get projects the green light and gaining trust on products that will effect the whole company.
  • Understanding AI and ML from a business lens, algorithms and available data.
  • Roadmapping and testing: When is the right time to push a product?
  • Teaching how to communicate experience with machine and user.
  • How to be successful in bilateral innovation.

Keynote: Getting to the center of the issue to gain the best solution may force radical disruption.

Keynotes: Moving towards co-creating with the machine presented by Futurist speaker, David Brin. Understanding and combating the Eintellung effect to drive innovation.

Case study, showcasing the value of building partnerships outside of your ecosystem, that drive innovation and product development.

Workshop on using real time analytics for new revenue streams, entry into new markets and engage customers. Focusing on three key topics surrounding this theme.

Panels: Encouraging trust across business units for innovation to be successful: exploring communication, management, expense and risk management.

Escaping pilot mode: four key ways to combat this.

Workshops: Interactive workshop delving into AI and similar technologies, through a design lens.

A look at the hidden challenges of measuring user experience. 

Creating a virtuous feedback loop.

Keynotes: The paradigm shift: how to be the most successful. 

Learning how to nail core competencies, to drive revenue.

Debates include, the ethics of data: privacy vs personalization. 

Debating the innovation hub: does it isolate or accelerate.

Case study: The future of our data-driven selves: how to collaborate and manage cloud complexity.

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