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Learn how to maximize impact from IOmT

Discover how to combat the rising costs of care

Delve into care model innovation, regulation and governance

Strategize on healthcare revenue cycle adaption, protection and resilience

Explore reimagining healthcare ecosystems

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Speakers Include

Jordan Harmon

Joseph O'Hara

John Mattison

VP Care Delivery Innovation

Director, Healthcare Marketplace Innovations

Asst. Medical Director, CMIO

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Event Agenda

Morning one

Opening Keynote

Interactive Panels



High Prices and Broken Promises: How to Combat Rising Costs of Care

From government policy to big pharma, where are the greatest costs and what can we forecast for the future of care in the USA?

Panel 1: Modernizing Clinical Communication: How to Maximize Impact from IOmT

Is medical technology ready for IoMT? 

Panel 2: Reevaluating Risk Adjustment for 2021

2020 has brought unprecedented and unfamiliar pressures for healthcare, but how has COVID-19 impacted risk and quality?

Track 1: Care Model Innovation, Regulation and Governance

Will COVID-19 damage progression or speed it up? What are the obstacles preventing a smooth transition to a value-based care model?

Track 2: Digital Transformation and Interoperability

Track 3: Population Health: Access and Intervention

How can providers and payers identify weaknesses in the system and address these?

What Makes a True Partner?

Morning two


Behavioral Health: How to Fix the System First

What are the definitive components of behavioral health, how far reaching are they? How has the area evolved over recent years?

Interactive Panels

Panel 1:  Healthcare Revenue Cycle Adaption, Protection and Resilience

What protective measures can payers and providers put in place to limit damage, protect and maintain a healthy revenue cycle?

Panel 2:  Unlocking the Digital Front Door: What Is It and Why Does It Matter?

How can we integrate our digital and non-digital customer touchpoints into one consistent journey?

Interactive Panels

Track 1: Care Model Innovation, Regulation and Governance

Track 2: Digital Transformation and Interoperability

Track 3: Population Health: Access and Intervention


A Challenge Addressed! Solution Provider Case Study


Technology Enabling the Future - Solution Provider Vision


Panel 2: Reimagining Healthcare Ecosystems

The opportunities and challenges that come with healthcare ecosystems.


Track 1: Care Model Innovation, Regulation and Governance

Track 2: Digital Transformation and Interoperability

Track 3: Population Health: Access and Intervention

Closing Keynote

Data Revolution: The Time Is Now! How Open Sourcing Could Save Lives

What could be possible through combined effort and access to information with open sourcing technology?

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Panel 1: AI for Healthcare: Past, Present and Future

Calling All Outstanding Healthcare Leaders


This award will recognize any Healthcare professional who has made a significant contribution to their organization over the last 12 months. Judges are looking for any and all examples of ways in which individuals are improving health awareness, contributing to guidelines and regulatory frameworks, introducing cost-saving strategies at local and/or regional levels, improving operational efficiencies, protecting staff, leading on ‘Covid-security’, and ultimately enhancing patient outcomes.

Finalists will be informed in advance of the Summit, and the winner of the Healthcare Leader of the Year Award will be presented at a live virtual ceremony during the Summit.

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