Customer Experience – The Trends of 2022 & Beyond

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Customer experience (CX) is an idea that is always moving forward, and since the pandemic and lockdown, it is evolving faster than ever before. Everything from how a customer distinguishes a brand to what they want and expects from their interactions with it has undergone a drastic shift and is under the spotlight. 

Recently, the Strategy for Breakfast podcast by GDS Group hosted a guest speaker, Hussein Dajani. Hussein just left Nissan as their General Manager for Digital and Customer Experience Transformation and now is a partner at Deloitte Digital. The conversation was wide, varied, and included topics such as how to make physical CX more digital, the infrastructure problem, and the metaverse. Let’s dive into the discussion… 

Hussein starts the podcast by saying that innovative technologies are coming. These innovative technologies include artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR) which are all playing a role and will play a bigger role in the very near future. An example of this, brick-and-mortar retail stores. Trying on clothes can be timely and intimidating. However, soon you will walk into a clothing shop and won’t need to try on the suit, trousers, shoes, and shirt. Instead, you will be able to stand in front of a mirror and AR will digitally place the clothing items on you to see if it fits. Some companies are already doing this – if you don’t want to try on a lipstick in store – you can put it on digitally and see if the color is a match!  

Furthermore, the buying process will be an addition to this. You will be able to use your mobile device to purchase an item and walk out of a store without any human interaction. Amazon Go is already making this possible for consumers! Making shopping an easy and seamless experience.   

The Metaverse 

Another brilliant example, the metaverse. 

“The metaverse and Chief Metaverse Officer is now a term that we are hearing every day,” shares Hussein. Hussein even discussed this previously with his former colleagues at Nissan, “How many cars would you be able to sell through the metaverse?” His answer: “Nobody can respond to that.” Companies are jumping into the metaverse to test, learn and be ready for the future. Hussein believes that this digital world is coming. Why? Because why would global organizations like JP Morgan, HSBC, Nike, and Diesel jump into the metaverse. These companies are not looking at that investment as an immediate return. They are looking at that stake as something that will keep and make them future-ready which is extremely important. So, how can brands make the biggest impact with the metaverse? The word that ALWAYS pops up on our Meet the Boss roundtables – data. 

The Need for Data 

A brilliant point Hussein makes – how recapturing, restoring, and understanding your data in the space you want, is critical. It goes without saying that a good data strategy needs to be in place because if you do not you will not reap the benefits in a year or two. Once that plan of action is in place how are you going to utilize that data when are moving into a more cookie-less world. That world means you will not be able to benefit from second or third-party data. GDPR is another consideration that has been implemented in many countries already.  

“Without data, you will not exist. You will never be able to provide a hyper-personalised communication, engagement, and relationship with your customers.”
Hussein Dajani, Former GM for Digital & CX Transformation, Nissan 

The advice here is to start testing with a small product and see what the results are. After that, you can go bigger and bigger. 

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