Delighting Your Customers Through Seamless Omnichannel Experiences

Engaging customers through multiple channels is now the norm for businesses in this digital first world.

From telephone, texts to Tik Tok, businesses across all industries are rapidly taking an omnichannel approach to engage customers with their brands. In case you haven’t noticed, customers are calling the shots these days. They expect interaction with a brand to be seamless: they want fast, frictionless, and personalized digital experiences. 

During a recent GDS CX SUMMIT Candice Mueller, Senior Director Product Marketing at Freshworks says “customers are continuously experiencing this very fragmented experience.” The goal of omnichannel is to bring all those fragments together. 


The old multi-channel approach offered a range of services for customers, an omnichannel strategy integrates them all. Leading organizations utilize omnichannel to not only integrate but create dynamic customer experiences. But according to Gartner, Most service organizations operate in a reactive manner at a transaction level, requiring customers to exert significant effort to navigate multiple service channels. So, how do brands move from a reactive to an initiative-taking mindset and wow customers across all channels? Here are a few ideas: 


Freshwork’s Candice Mueller says businesses are redefining how support is delivered to customers by focusing on some key priorities: 

  • Offering anytime, anywhere engagement with delightful moments. In other words, meeting customers where they are, but in a personalized way. 
  • Connected relationships that are intelligent, proactive, and collaborative. 
  • Effortless experiences which are simple, easy, and automated 
  • Adaptive support, unified extensive and agile 
  • Fast and easy innovation. 
  • Skyrocket time-to-value data driven decision making 


Adopting an omni-channel approach in your marketing, sales, and service strategies has plenty of benefits. They include: 

  • Increased Revenue. According to Entrepreneur magazine Omnichannel customers spend 4% more in a store and 10% more online than single-channel customers 
  • Greater reach. 
  • Boosted customer satisfaction. Your customers will be happier in the long term if they feel they have several methods to reach your customer service and sales teams 


After personally visiting “the happiest place on earth,” I can tell you Disney does omnichannel right. As soon as customers book a trip to a Disney Park, they can start planning every detail of their vacation with the “My Disney Experience” tool via the website or mobile app. From creating itineraries, to making restaurant bookings and even securing FastPass experiences, the entire vacation can be planned before the customer even steps on the plane. No Mickey mousing around. 

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