How Does Health & Safety Software Improve the Mental Health of Remote Workers?

There has never been a better time to invest in mental health & safety infrastructure than now.

An effective Health & Safety strategy has many positive influences on the workplace and having a practical understanding of the subject and how to effectively integrate it is one of the most effective future-proofing exercises any organization can undertake.

What is Health & Safety 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) the term ‘health & safety’ can be defined as anything that works towards the enhancement of the physical, mental and social well-being of workers and supports the development and maintenance of their working capacity, as well as their professional and social development at work.

Naturally then, we can categorise H&S issues either as those that seek to safeguard the physical safety of employees – effectively protecting them from any potential injury, illness or stress – or those that preserve their positive mental wellbeing.

Health & safety renovation should be seen as a significant opportunity to boost employee morale, safety, productivity and most importantly, retention.

There has never been a better time to invest in mental health & safety infrastructure and as such whether it is looking into the potential in Health & Safety Software, investing in more effective communications tools or restructuring your business, the means of refining your capacity to deal with the mental health and safety needs of a remote workforce during Covid-19 are innumerable.

Health & Safety Software

In 2020 the Global Work-from-Home Experience Survey found that during the pandemic, 88% of employees are working from home on a regular basis globally. Before the pandemic, this figure was 31%. In the result of a potential second lockdown this could rise higher still. This problem becomes even more substantial when we consider the issue on a global scale. It is possible that more efficient Health & Safety Software might quickly bolster your ability to deal with the mental health and safety needs of a remote workforce during the coronavirus pandemic.

Health and safety software is a centralised, cloud-based system that enables the management and the sharing of compliance data, tasks and actions across a business of any size.

There are many different forms of health & safety software but generally they fit into two specific types. Firstly, there are Environment Health & Safety Software (EHS) which supports the management of safety and occupational health processes. Second is Occupational Health & Safety software (OHS) which, like EHS software, keeps a record of health and safety data but allows the user to generate analysis and trend reports to ensure employee safety.

The key benefits of health & safety Software include:

    • All H&S processes can be easily visualised with a single dashboard
    • More control is given to employees who can view information across several devices
    • All data is safe and secure in the cloud-based system
    • Audit administration times are reduced significantly
    • Customisable forms, filters, groups and more can be easily created
    • H&S procedure can be standardised across the organisation
    • More easily managed training and certifications
    • Risk mitigation and permanent safeguards for the business

Health & safety software increases the control that both employee and employer have when approaching remote work, naturally reducing stress whilst also creating workplace structure at home.

Additionally, businesses can also invest in Risk Assessment Software and Incident Reporting software to control and log issues accordingly.

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