A Digital Transformation Framework for Organizations in 2019 (Summit Report)

Digital Innovation Post Summit Takeaways: Leaders from Wells Fargo, Schneider Electric & Siemens share thoughts on digital transformation spend, more.

From machine learning to chatbots, to VR/AR and social outreach, the rules of business are changing. Digital transformation requires a shift in technologies, skills and culture that helps forge new business models.

Becoming truly customer-centric starts by harvesting the right data. The right data allows you and your entire organization to make better, faster, personalized decisions.

Bringing it all together is why we gathered in Naples, Florida in May for GDS Group‘s Digital Innovation Insight Summit.

“Our customers have more power than ever. It is the age of the customer and they want to engage through many channels with no waiting, they want immediate answers.”

The global director of digital innovation at Schneider Electric, Makarand ‘Mak” Joshi, kicked off one of our latest GDS Summits with a keynote address titled “Digital Innovation at the intersection of IoT and AI.” At Schneider, the rise of the digital economy is powered by data-driven insights through AI. They are also making great strides in merging IT and OT. Joshi says,

“The merger supports the process that support the products and your people who can effect change.”

The global digital transformation market is expected to exceed $462 billion by the year 2021. To drive digital change, companies need great ideas and they need great people. But according to Udit Mehta, Chief Digital Growth officer at Siemens Power Services,

“When it comes to digital transformation 45% of companies’ boards do not pay heed to the rise of digital transformation. 43% of companies are taking a ‘wait and watch’ approach in hope of emulating the competition. But the digital leap is set to overturn incumbents and reshape existing marketplaces.”

What does this mean for those in the business of service and software? For Robin Beers, the SVP Head of Customer Experience Insights at Wells Fargo says it means big changes are on the way for how we and our customers work and live.

“Design must go beyond aesthetics and usability and recognize its power to impact people and even change lives.”

Those responsible for digital innovation are all tasked with creating the right business platform that encompasses providers, consumers and employees while being able to exchange those ideas as seamlessly as possible. Harvesting the right data can transform your operation. Following your customer’s tendencies and needs will help build a digital experience that yields lifelong members.

The tech is here, but many times adoption by our own employees can be the biggest hurdle. Harvesting ideas from our workforce nurtures innovation, gets the staff excited and ready to implement digital change.

GDS Group hosts experts to help experts. GDS Summits aim to provide attendees with an atmosphere which allows them to confidently lead their companies through the largest and smallest digital transformation projects.

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GDS Group hosts experts to help experts. We strive to provide an atmosphere for our attendees that enables them to confidently lead their companies through major transformation projects. For information on upcoming events, view our Technology Summits and Executive Events. To remain current on our activities, visit GDS Group on LinkedIn Facebook | Twitter.