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From Crisis to Care:
How Innovative Solutions are Supporting Nurses Need

17th May 2023

Following a tumultuous 3 years for healthcare workers, even the very best hospitals are struggling with nurse retention. Burnout, limited options for growth and unfavorable working conditions are just some of the problems. But bottom line, we need to meet nurses wherever they are in their careers and connect with passion. But how can we do this successfully? GDS Group speak with Tammy Purcell, Clinical Nurse Executive at Elsevier about the major challenges, how we can prevent burnout at all levels and how we can attract and retain the best healthcare talent. Let us know what you think at podcast@gdsgroup.com.

Discussion points

  • What are some of the major challenges the healthcare industry is facing right now when it comes to recruiting nurses?
  • What are some of the important differentiators we can provide to attract the best talent?
  • How should organizations approach supporting career development, and why is it crucial to support career development for future nurse leaders?

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