Taking pride in retail

Podcast - Retail
15th June 2022

The retail industry is bouncing back after a tumultuous 2 years dealing with the effects of the pandemic, supply chain issues and the great resignation.

So why is it more important than ever for retail executives to take pride in their work? Balve Bains and Michelle Brown speak to Ron Thurston, an Amazon number 1 bestselling author with extensive experience leading retail operations for America’s most prominent brands.

He’s part way through a year-long tour called “Retail In America,” and joins us live from an airstream trailer to discover the real retail heroes across the country, and the latest industry trends since we last spoke. Let us know what you think in the comments or email podcast@gdsgroup.com.

Discussion points

  • What’s new in retail since we last spoke in Sept 2021??
  • Why has taking pride in your retail career has never been more valued?
  • Why is brick and mortar retail so important today?

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