Why your cybersecurity needs nexgen pen-testing

Podcast - Security
24th August 2023

Welcome to Strategy for Breakfast! The podcast about real business challenges based on real business conversations. In this episode, we take a deep dive into the importance of penetration testing or “pen-testing” in cybersecurity. Discover why traditional strategies are in dire need of an upgrade, as well as why it’s important to take an offensive approach to security. Join us as we learn from Robin Fewster, the Senior Security Testing Manager for Hargreaves Lansdown and a career pen-tester of 20+ years, who has seen the evolution of cyberattacks as the internet continues to grow. Let us know what you think of this episode at podcast@gdsgroup.com

Discussion points

  1. What is the importance of learning from fellow pen-testers as cyber threats keep increasing and evolving?
  2. Why haven’t cybersecurity testing programs evolved the way they should, given the increasing frequency of and new approaches to cybersecurity?
  3. How can AI and automation assist in pen-testing strategies?

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