Improving sporting performance with data

Whether scoring goals or winning races, sport is about finding an advantage over your rivals. And data analytics is increasingly providing that edge.

Organisations everywhere are currently using data to improve every facet of their operations – and sports are no different. So how are different teams addressing the data challenge? How are they collecting it, analysing it – and, most importantly, applying it to drive better performance?

As part of our ongoing series looking at how technology is helping top athletes gain and maintain a competitive edge, we speak to some of the leading names in sport about performance – and find out how the best are using data to stay ahead of the chasing pack.

Get insight from:

• David Sheepshanks, Chairman, St George’s Park, The FA
• Pat Howard, General Manager of Team Performance, Cricket Australia
• Shayne Bannan, General Manager, Orica GreenEDGE Cycling
• Richard Plugge, Managing Director, Team LottoNL-Jumbo


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