The Changing Face of the Event Industry

It has shown now more than ever how important it is for leaders to come together and navigate this uncharted territory

COVID – 19: The Impact on Events

Nobody could have predicted when COVID-19 first emerged the impacts it would have on organisations and industries as a whole. With companywide shifts to remote working and many businesses shutting shops and with some industries, such as retail and airlines, now requiring significant bail outs to remain afloat.

It has shown now more than ever how important it is for leaders to come together and navigate this uncharted territory and build in the new digital landscape.

The event industry in particular has been hard hit, with large scale events being postponed or cancelled. Whilst this has been a turbulent time for many, it has also been a time to innovate and embrace opportunities in the digital world.

How GDS Group Responded?

At GDS Group, we have been running face-to-face summits for many years, bringing together leaders, innovators, and disruptors to tackle their key industry challenges.

When COVID-19 hit earlier this year, the business had to react with speed and agility to not only transform the business model whilst retaining value for both our delegation and technology solution partners, but at the same time transform our four global offices to working remotely, implementing processes for effective remote working and crisis communications both internally and externally.

It has been no small task to pivot an entire portfolio of 25 summits in the first half of the year to digital, but it’s been testament to our workforce’s ability to be agile, innovative and to communicate and motivate each other remotely.

Our Digital Summit’s kicked off in early June with a purpose of connecting senior industry leaders to navigate the current challenges and inevitably continue to drive the industry forward during this challenging period.

Joined by the likes of Michelin, Salesforce, Rolls Royce, Voxmedia & Nationwide, it’s been great to hear and learn from these brands about how they too are adapting to this ‘new normal’, but also continue to provide our unique summit service in a new and exciting way.

It has also been great to hear such fantastic and positive feedback from our delegates, sponsors and speakers who have all supported our move to digital in order for us to support them.

GDS Group hosts experts to help experts. We strive to provide an atmosphere for our attendees that enables them to confidently lead their companies through major transformation projects. For information on upcoming events, view our view our Digital Summits. To remain current on our activities, visit GDS Group on LinkedIn Facebook | Twitter.

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