GDS Group welcomes CEO and Best-Selling Author, Michael Brenner

Michael will be the keynote speaker at the upcoming CMO Brand Digital Summits this June

GDS Group announced today that Michael Brenner, CEO of Marketing Insider and best-selling author of ‘Mean People Suck’, will be delivering a keynote address at the upcoming CMO Brand Digital Summits this June. The closed-door summit will focus on driving key transformation in this new world by connecting senior executives from companies such as Adidas, Walmart, Peloton and Philips, by sharing their ideas and challenges and addressing the most pressing issues in the industry.

About Michael Brenner

Michael Brenner is the CEO of Marketing Insider, and best-selling author of ‘Mean People Suck’, which details how empathy defeats mean in any situation and leads to bigger profits and a better life. It seeks to show professionals on all levels of an organization and how to harness the power of their professional empathy.

Over the three days of the Summit you can expect live audience Q&A’s, live polling, interactive quizzes and moderated breakout sessions with our c-suite audience in attendance. Your digital experience will be tailored to your key projects with expert keynotes, interactive panels and live debates which will equip you with cutting edge insight and approaches to forge ahead.

To find out more about participating and how you can join the upcoming Summit, visit the website here.

About GDS Digital Summit Series:

With 10+ years of expertise in delivering digital events, GDS Digital Summits are here to connect business and innovation digitally, with collaborative and interactive sessions, thought leadership, cutting edge technology and solution providers and not forgetting the chance to make real and powerful connections.

About GDS Group:

GDS Group is a global events and technology services company dedicated to helping clients meet the challenges posed by a fast-moving, disruptive business environment. Our B2B summits and events bring purchaser and provider communities together to find solutions to real-world business challenges. To learn more about the events we produce and the challenges we help overcome, check out our website here.


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