GDS Group welcomes Longbow Advantage to the Supply Chain Summit

Making industry 4.0 meaningful: Overcoming reactivity, supercharging proactivity

GDS Group, the global B2B events company, announces that Longbow Advantage will be sponsoring the upcoming Supply Chain Leadership Summit on 18-20 November 2019 at the fantastic Ritz-Carlton, Sarasota, Florida. Longbow is a strategic consulting company with unparalleled expertise in supply chain networks and the technologies that run them. As a Supply Chain Technology Company, Longbow is uniquely built to provide not only robust logistics technology implementation and integration skills, but an unprecedented level of supply chain experience and expertise.

Longbow offers a data services platform called Rebus. Rebus Data Services is a cloud-based system that adds a deep layer of insight into the real-time workings of the most complex distribution environments and networks. Rebus is the only full-stack software designed to allow companies to use their distribution data in new ways to consolidate legacy processes. The customers using Rebus gain the whole picture of what is going on in all their facilities. They also gain access across all their systems, people, and networks – all in real-time.

“Supply chain executives are constantly exploring ways to gain real value from their data. I’m looking forward to working with GDS and industry leaders to discuss this exciting and challenging topic.”  – Alex Wakefield, CEO of Longbow Advantage

Every GDS Summit has one stated aim; to help attending executives implement their key projects more effectively. The NG Supply Chain Summit is dedicated to helping solve these strategic challenges:

  1. Shifting leadership mindsets from reactivity to proactivity
  2. Continuously improving business process re-engineering
  3. Making industry 4.0 meaningful through balancing agility, adeptness and alignment
  4. Powering operational excellence through integrated planning and execution
  5. Digitizing the kinetic world: upscaling your technology stack

For more information about Supply Chain Summit, who you will meet, the agenda and how to apply to attend, visit the website here –

About The NG Supply Chain Summit:

On 18-20 November 2019, the US edition of our NG Supply Chain Summit will bring together senior decision-makers and business leaders from across North America at the fantastic The Ritz-Carlton, Sarasota, Florida, to share their views on how to tackle the biggest challenges in supply chain management today.

Industry 4.0, the move to “place sensors in everything, create networks everywhere, automate anything, and analyze everything to significantly improve performance and customer satisfaction”, has become disconnected from the realities of real supply chain organisations. With no silver bullet to business transformation, there is a need for a common mission statement across departments to break free of silo-thinking and continuously improve. At the Next Generation Supply Chain Leadership Summit, learn to balance agility, alignment and adeptness in tackling the key challenges of the day. Including: automating last mile costs, piloting ERP solutions with rapidity, and leveraging artificial intelligence to optimize intermodal networking.

About GDS Group:

GDS Group is a global events, research and technology services company dedicated to helping clients meet the challenges posed by a fast-moving, disruptive business environment. Our B2B summits and events bring purchaser and provider communities together to find solutions to real-world business challenges. To learn more about the events we produce and the challenges we help overcome, check out our website here.

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