Join top healthcare leaders at an exclusive event to discuss how best to maximize ROI through implementing transformative technologies, where the solutions lie and gain insights around developing an action plan based on a unified patient data set.

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26th NG Healthcare event | 22-24 June, Arizona, USA

What is it?

Taking place from 22 – 24 June 2020, a host of senior healthcare decision-makers and business leaders from across North America will gather at the wonderful The Scottsdale, McCormick Ranch in Arizona for our NG Healthcare Summit, to discuss the most pressing challenges – and opportunities – in the fast-moving health provision sector.

How does it work?

Every GDS Summit has one stated aim: to help attending executives implement their key projects more effectively. We do this by developing an in-depth understanding of those executives' project needs, the business outcomes they want to achieve, and the challenges they face in terms of hitting those goals.

Who Has Attended?

Our summits are designed for executives looking to take their business to the next level – from market-leading brands to disruptive new entrants. As such, we’ve worked with some of the world’s best-loved and most forward-thinking businesses.

Cameual Wright

Holly Schmidtke

J.D Whitlock

Jerson Cadenas

Market Medical Director

VP Operations


Chief Medical Officer-Texas & Oklahoma

Snapshot of the Agenda

The Scottsdale, McCormick Ranch, Arizona

Identify and overcome obstacles in transition to value based reimbursement

How to engage and retain members and patients to maintain a competitive edge

Utilizing technology to impact population health and drive down costs

Building a robust data collection strategy to ensure accessibility for the major stakeholders in health

AI is transforming healthcare, how can we demystify hype and maximize impact

Diversify and innovate income strategies to drive revenue growth

Our summit is focused on solving your strategic challenges

Our events take place at some of the most prestigious venues in the world. Five-star accommodation, dining and amenities make attending one of our summits both business and pleasure. Being productive has never been so much fun.

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Connected Devices, Impact and Possibilities

Quality vs. Quantity: Defining Value-Based Reimbursement

Technology is transforming the landscape of healthcare delivery. These new opportunities are enabling and demonstrating the true power of the EHR.

In a world of IOT and connectivity medical devices should no longer be viewed as an isolated components. their value increases dramatically when they are integrated within a greater aggregate process.

The ongoing migration of healthcare currency, from volume to value, is reshaping the healthcare ecosystem.

  • What are the obstacles preventing a smooth transition to a value based care model?
  • What are the best strategies to develop risk adjustment as we move from a fee for service towards a value based model?
  • How do you measure value? What metrics should we be looking at to provide transparency on the quality of care patients are receiving?
  • How can we facilitate communication between payers, health providers and patients to aid transition?
  • How can we manage costs and optimize organisational structure as we transition to a new reimbursement model?

Doin’ It Right: How to Create an Engaging Experience

Patients are transforming from passive recipients of healthcare services to active consumers, how will this change impact organisations?

  • How can we unify channels of healthcare delivery?
  • What tactics can be utilized to provide an engaging experience for members and patients?
  • How far reaching is the impact? How much can we improve the care patients receive by increasing their engagement in the process?
  • How can we manage competition from commercial disruptors?
  • How can we harness the opportunity that comes with Digital Healthcare Delivery? The opportunities in telehealth are vast, which use cases are driving innovation in healthcare delivery and how can we keep the ball rolling?

Join us for our Gala Dinner & Keynote Speaker. An opportunity to network with your peers in a social environment with a three course dinner and wine whilst listening to an industry leader discuss a key topic.


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