GDS Summits



In a fast-moving, increasingly competitive retail environment, making the right technology decisions is critical. In recent years, the way we shop has changed beyond all recognition. The rise of eCommerce, social and mobile technologies have fundamentally changed the customer journey. Today’s consumer expects to use multiple channels and touchpoints when making a purchase; they are better informed, and more demanding, than ever before. New channels, greater assortment, more choice: retail has never been so competitive. So, what does this shifting landscape mean for retailers? How do you deliver what the customer wants, when and where they want it, at the right price? And how can technology help? Discuss this and more at an upcoming GDS Summit.

GDS Summits in Retail will cover the most pressing challenges and trends facing the industry today. GDS Summits are produced following 100+ hours of research with subject matter experts from a range of brands. This research is the foundation from which we write our cutting-edge GDS Retail Summit agendas.