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Former Director of Safety Standards and Oversight at JetBlue, Chris San Giovanni Seeks Current and Future Worker Safety Improvements at HSE Insight 

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JetBlue’s intention to make the skies a safer place to fly and the ground a safer place to work, was furthered by safety initiatives that would directly benefit crew members—concepted at the HSE Insight Summit. Chris San Giovanni, former Director of Safety Standards and Oversight for the airline, attended GDS Group’s HSE Insight Summit in search of a solution that would not only alleviate the strain felt by JetBlue’s ground workers, but also collect data to improve future processes.  

“Our whole model for safety at JetBlue is to become more predictive and proactive.” – Chris San Giovanni, Former Director of Safety Standards & Oversight, JetBlue

One of JetBlue’s founding principles is safety. As an airline, JetBlue is proactive in scouting for data-enabled technology that will improve the lives of employees. Chris specifically sought to reduce the occurrence of manual handling injuries among JetBlue’s workforce. The risks and potential injuries associated with manual handling can be detrimental to health and productivity. Risks to workers included: 

  • Extreme fatigue 
  • Back injuries
  • Cuts, bruises, fractures 
  • Musculoskeletal disorders 
  • Lower Limb disorders.

Chris and the team at JetBlue saw a need to not only improve conditions for workers, but to simultaneously collect data to improve working procedures. Upon his return from the HSE Insight Summit, Chris met with a solution provider and piloted a safety initiative at JKF—the airline’s largest operation.  

“In 2018, GDS helped over 2,500 business leaders solve key challenges.” 

When an organization is determined to improve the lives of its employees and consumers, great things happen. The HSE Insight Summit is a platform for proactive corporations like JetBlue that seek to solve today’s business challenges with tomorrow’s knowledge and solutions. Summit programming features expert workshop panels, keynotes and collaborative sessions—with a focus on utilizing data and predictive analytics to iterate and drive a program of continuous improvement. 

Chris detailed to GDS Group during a recent interview just how his exposure to novel technologies inspired a pilot initiative that would improve the overall injury rate of the organization and further the values that JetBlue strives to implement company-wide.  


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