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A New Vision for Contemporary Healthcare at Providence Hospital Starts with COO Darmita Wilson, Repeat NG Healthcare Summit Delegate 

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Providence Hospital, located in Washington D.C., is on a mission to realize a new vison for contemporary healthcare. The organization’s transformation journey began with Darmita Wilson, Providence’s Chief Operating Officer. Darmita attended the NG Healthcare Summit for the first time in 2018 and returned for another event that same year. Darmita used the summit as a platform for progress, which helped her identify and implement Providence’s transformation initiatives.  

When it comes to contemporary healthcare, technology is not the only disruptor that has the industry abuzz. Patientcentric care is garnering a lot of attention, putting the onus on providers to improve patient health on a holistic level, as well as the overall patient experienceProactive providers like Providence Hospital understand this industry shift and research diligently to get ahead of trends. Darmita arrived at the summit with a list of initiatives that she was ready to tackle on behalf of her organization, specifically:  

  • A Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+) multi-payer practice transformation model,
  • Patient transport services,
  • In-home healthcare, and
  • Preventive healthcare and patient education. 

As a champion for these initiatives, Darmita is responsible for guiding Providence Hospital closer to its vision for the future—while making a difference in the lives and comfort of every patient.  

“In 2018, GDS helped over 2,500 business leaders solve key challenges.” 

The NG Healthcare summit programming features expert workshop panels, keynotes and collaborative sessions—all focused on driving an increasingly positive payer and provider partnership for better patient outcomes. 

In an interview with Darmita on her experience at the NG Healthcare Summit, she attested to the importance of collaborating with fellow attendees, who bring a novel perspective to ongoing initiatives and transformation strategies. Building on past experiences, attendees can follow up and track peers’ project evolution. Together, attendees push boundaries and facilitate progress for the entire industry. 

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