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Rutgers New Jersey Medical School COO, Douglas Wilson, Paves the Way to Future of Medicine at the NG Healthcare Summit 

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Rutgers New Jersey Medical School’s vision is to shape the future of medicine while continuing to improve life for the community. A tall order, spearheaded by hospital COO, Douglas Wilson. Douglas, an executive fiercely committed to digitally transforming healthcare, furthered his plight using the NG Healthcare Summit as a catalyst for change within the organization.  

Healthcare as an industry is notorious for late adoption of technology—especially patientfacing digital tech. Many obstacles hinder digital advancement and can slow the speed of disruption in the healthcare field, such as:  

  • HIPPA operating procedures
  • Patient data security regulations
  • Data overload and analytic strategies
  • Physician reluctance to adopt diagnosis tech
  • High cost and ROI uncertainty. 

Despite the myriad obstacles that would threaten healthcare advances, Douglas forged onward in pursuit of novel technological solutions for modern challenges—and was blown away with the knowledge he acquired at NG Healthcare, departing from the summit with a new perspective and proven technologies to take back to the office 

“It’s leaders sharing experiences, and those experiences turn into [measurableactions.” – Douglas Wilson, COO, Rutgers New Jersey Medical School 

The NG Healthcare Summit was created with forward-thinking and community driven senior executives like Douglas in mind. Summit programming features expert workshop panels, keynotes and collaborative sessions—all focused on minimizing the challenges of transformational projects for payers & providers in today’s changing healthcare industry. 

Douglas detailed to GDS Group, during a recent interview, just how the exposure to new tech and the meaningful networking opportunities with industryleading peers has empowered him to pilot new initiatives to better serve students and the community—the driving purpose of Rutgers Medical School.  

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