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Showcase virtual events
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Showcase is an end-to-end virtual event experience designed to help you successfully deliver new company strategy, build highly effective and motivated teams, or run thought-leadership days and training.


Grow your market share by collaborating with the companies that matter to you


Connect to the right people using our dedicated audience sourcing team


Build meaningful and lasting partnerships with a message that people remember

Deliver on-demand immersive events at scale, bringing together global stakeholders in a cost effective and time efficient way.

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A flexible end-to-end virtual event service

Building new or existing partnership

Run investor days

Grow your distribution network

Hold public briefings

Procurement fairs

Building your Showcase

You will have a dedicated Senior Producer support you throughout your Showcase virtual event journey. They will tailor the approach to meet the needs of your event using our tried and tested event service formula.

Define your objectives

Your Showcase starts with your objectives. Whether you are looking to build new or existing partnerships, run investor days, grow your distribution network, hold public briefings, or procurement fairs you will be supported by your Producer from day one to the live show to create an amazing experience to meet your objectives.


Audience Requirements

We work with you to understand your target audience to define messaging, content, and the registration journey - creating an amazing and tailored experience. What people feel, think and do is critical to shaping a Showcase. Our audience sourcing team will ensure you are speaking to the right people to accelerate your revenue objectives.


Showcase design & format

our Showcases will stream from a state-of-the-art TV production studio. Break down the 4th wall to engage your audience with immersive presentations, breakout sessions, polls, and 1-1 follow up meetings. Make every minute matter with the right visuals, information, and narrative flow – and that it’s all translated into exciting studio production.


Audience Intelligence & Registration

We can run your registration journey for you or work alongside your own processes. This gives you ultimate flexibility to get the right information about your audience and prepare hyper-targeted in-show content and give your VIPs a front seat.


Live & On Demand Engagement

From our pre-show virtual 3D lobby space to our in-show audience engagement tactics, you can define when, how and where your audiences interact. After the event, we can convert that experience to become on demand and repeatable.


Audience Follow Up

Where our dedicated audience sourcing team have sourced audience, our specialized follow-up team drive further ROI by deepening relationships with attendees after the event – facilitating closed-door, one-to-one meetings with engaged executives, driving measurable value directly to your sales and marketing pipelines.

Deliver world-class events that grow your business.

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