In-Person Experiences
gain new insights

Exclusive shared learning enabling organizations to deliver transformative strategies.

Why attend a GDS In-person Experience?

Project acceleration

Connecting you with solutions to deliver transformational projects.

Live insights

Gain insights in an interactive environment, including multi-dimensional keynotes, live polling, 1:1 meetings, live Q&A, and interactive sessions and panels.

Connect with qualified solution providers

Connect with the right people at the right time and deliver business solutions.

Targeted learning

A forum to learn from peers and solution providers about industry challenges and how to solve them.

Actionable thought leadership

Highly-targeted content based on current data, trends, key projects, and new opportunities.

Sustainable events

Digital events reduce carbon footprint, promote inclusivity, and bring together senior executives from anywhere in the world.

Who attends a GDS in person event?

Connect with like-minded leaders to propel your organization through new realities in a disruptive digital world.

Senior Executives

Expand networks and gain valuable insights from peers across diverse job roles, functions, and industries.

Decision Makers

Empowering decision makers to gain meaningful connections and reach impactful outcomes.

Budget Holders

Fostering connections with those who have the financial authority to drive strategic initiatives.

Which brands attend?

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