In a business that’s all about building relationships, people are the key to our success

Vibrant, lively, successful, passionate, creative, hard-working, exciting: just some of the words employees have used to describe working here at GDS Group. Which makes us pretty happy. Because if our employees are saying nice things about us, then we must be doing something right. Right?

Despite the fact that we have over 260 staff working in offices across Miami, New York and Bristol, we’re still as close-knit as the day we started in 1993. We’re not one of the biggest brands in the world (yet) – but our clients certainly are. So if you’re comfortable conducting business at a senior executive level with Fortune 500 companies, coming up with creative solutions to a range of different challenges, and working hard for big rewards, we’re comfortable introducing you to what we do best: delivering unprecedented results for game-changing business.