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Summit Portfolio

GDS Summits have been reimagined to deepen human connections and accelerate growth. Through addressing business challenges with senior decision makers, our Summits unlock expertise, accelerate projects and help build relationships while exploring new business transformation opportunities​.

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Digital Roundtables

Bespoke, 90-minute closed door discussions with qualified senior decision makers actively seeking innovative technological solutions for their digital transformation. Unveil your thought leadership to senior executives and bridge the gap in your go-to-market strategy with a curated and fully managed post-roundtable meetings that secure next stage conversations.

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Digital Showcases

Take your audience to another world from wherever they are. Enter an energizing digital event experience for your external or internal communications, company meetings, sales pitches, and product launches. A showcase will ensure that your message lands with impact.

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In-person Events

Bring your strategic value to the table and elevate thought leadership with target audiences that enable transformational business outcomes. Harness the power of face-to-face engagement and bridge the collaboration gap within your priority accounts.

Jugo Environment
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Jugo is an experiential platform for reimagining how people connect with purpose in the digital world. It is a 3D immersive collaboration platform designed to bridge the hybrid gap and bring teams closer together.

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