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Create unique content to extend campaigns and boost your marketing impact, at speed

Production and creative services

Maximize your marketing budget and make an impact with GDS studios. Deliver measurable returns with creatively produced content for your marketing needs.

  • Dedicated event designers and producers
  • Fully in-house studio
  • Craft something completely unique to your needs

Production studios

Unlock opportunities tailored to amplify your success and expand your reach.

  • Choose your set design
  • Choose your audience design
  • Choose your host
  • Customize your experience
Beautifully designed set environments. Perfect for your next conference, product launch, company announcement, or thought leadership piece. Alternatively, why not create your own bespoke event?
Keep engagement and interaction high with live audiences. Bring attendees up on stage remotely through our pioneering studios. Hosted in our set environments - designed using Unreal Engine technology - with live Q&A, interactive polls, panel discussions, or fireside chats.
Our team of professional hosts operate in both the US and UK and are a powerhouse of knowledge and expertise.
From moderating events for specific industries to hosting discussions around wider topics such as, customer experience, sustainability and much more. Working with the copywriting team, they engage directly with audiences, spotlighting key speakers and driving discussion.
Our creative services team are there throughout the process. Tailoring requirements to craft a set design that aligns with business goals while stimulating conversations with stunning digital visuals.

Unlock all the possibilities; fully brandable spaces with time of day and seasonal controls to bring the reality of your brand to life.
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Creative services

Animation and motion graphics

2D or 3D animation, created by our in-house team, runs throughout the event and can be used for social content. Choose customized mailouts and calls-to-action showcasing the event location. Gather speakers and voices together in captivating motion pieces.

Audio and visual content

Deliver engaging film and audio content with our in-house film team, audio technicians, and presenters to create impactful marketing deliverables.

Content with impact

Harness and amplify unique insights through a report or eBook. Position your organization’s thought leadership, with engaging and impactful short or long form content sourced and produced by our in-house researchers.

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