About GDS Group

Our proposition is simple: providing clients with the intelligence they need to make better business decisions

GDS Group is a global events, research and technology services company dedicated to helping clients meet the challenges posed by a fast-moving, disruptive business environment.

Our B2B summits and events bring purchaser and provider communities together to find solutions to real-world business challenges. Meanwhile our technology services provide connectivity solutions that enable organisations to take advantage of the digital revolution. The secret sauce? Our customised intelligence solutions, aligned with decades of experience in facilitating results-oriented business conversations. To learn more about the events we produce and the challenges we help overcome, check out GDS Summits on YouTube.

Our Brands

Whatever your industry or job function, our events deliver you the insight and relationships needed to take your business projects to the next level.
Industry Verticals

Everything you need to know about the key developments taking place in your industry. Whatever your sector, our Next Generation series has it covered.

Cross Verticals

Sometimes it helps to look beyond your own industry. Want a wider view on how different sectors are tackling similar challenges? Try our Insight series.