Accelerating our clients' ROX

For over 30 years, GDS has been supporting clients through accelerating pipelines, curating industry insights, and delivering transformational event experiences.


About GDS

We are a global B2B solution provider, specializing in helping businesses connect with their desired audiences to drive higher return on eXpectations for pipeline growth and transformation.

With 30 years of eXpertise, we’ve become our clients pipeline partner, providing real-life, real-time insights through innovative digital and in-person environments.

Leading brands trust us to deliver pioneering immersive eXperiences, unparalleled access to industry thought leadership and unique creative content and production services to help solve challenges and accelerate their projects.

ROX = Return on eXpectations | eXpertise | eXperiences

How do we help?

Accelerating pipeline

Convert conversations into real pipeline opportunities with a dedicated client success and post-event ROI teams.

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Unique insights

Valuable real-life, real-time insights through a variety of channels, including articles and podcasts.

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Engaging experiences

Pioneering immersive experiences that provide unparalleled access to our global network of senior executives and technology solution providers.

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Studio services

Maximize your marketing budget and make an impact with GDS studios. Deliver measurable returns with creatively produced content for your marketing needs.

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30 years of GDS

Who we partner with

What makes a GDS Experience unique?

Experience the new way to network with peers with interactive features including:

Acquire audiences

From our extensive industry network across market leading brands, we qualify attendees to get the right decision makers and budget holders in the room.

Trackable outcomes

Attendees complete a BANT qualified Executive Profile which we match to partners and arrange follow-up 1:1s through our dedicated Client Success teams.

Live insights

Through bringing the right people together, thought leadership insights are gained live and delivered post-experience to help solve real business challenges.

Polished presenters

Our hosts and moderators have journalism and TV presenting backgrounds to elevate your message, brand, and audience engagement.

Compelling content

We create compelling and engaging content from client experiences to support onward demand generation campaigns, social engagement and sales enablement.

Pioneering innovator

Built on the Unreal Engine by Epic Games, we develop and create immersive digital environments to excite audiences in a gamified tech setting.

Meet our senior leadership team

Charles Oakley

Chief Executive Officer

After an incredible period of growth over the past 4 years, I’m super excited to be leading the business onto its next exciting phase of innovation and achievement.

We are a business focused on delivering tangible results for our customers in a highly accelerated and sustainable fashion, which our digital technology allows us to. What really sets us apart however is our people, I love the people who make GDS, I love seeing the careers of so many flourish at GDS and this in turn, creates excellence in our experiences for our customers.

If I’m not at work or enjoying the sun in Ibiza, then I’m spending time with my awesome family and whatever mischief my two boys get up to!

Mike Farrell

Vice President, Procurement and Operations

Since joining in 2012, I've had the privilege of contributing towards the remarkable growth and transformation of GDS.

Tightly aligned with our operational and commercial goals, I've leveraged my expertise in procurement to support investment strategies and unlock value across the whole business.

Outside work, I'm a proud father on three inspiring teenagers and enjoy supporting them as they embark on their unique journeys. On occasion, I've been known to unleash my inner performer at Karaoke sessions.

Nick Millard

Vice President, Finance

GDS is a fun, fast paced and dynamic business to work for and it has been an incredible experience to have played a part in the growth and transformation of the business over the last few years.

My role at GDS includes supporting our future growth plans with financial forecasting and reporting, data analysis, and budget reviews.

Outside of GDS, I spend most of my time with our young family, enjoy supporting Bath Rugby and starting overly ambitious DIY projects.

Our people

Hear from the people that make the magic happen at GDS.

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