Making a difference, committing to change

Introducing GDS Cares

Supporting our communities, collaborating with local businesses, fighting for causes that matter.


GDS Cares was created to channel the talents of our employees towards raising money for good causes, such as the fight against homelessness and supporting mental health charities.

In 2018, we asked our attendees for their help and we have been astounded by their incredible generosity.

Through partnerships, fundraising and charity auctions, we are proud to have raised over a quarter of a million dollars for key causes.

GDS Group takes its commitment to corporate social responsibility seriously and we won’t be stopping here. Read on to find out how we can make a difference together.

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Our primary focus for 2021 will be to work with and empower young people, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds. This year, the local charities in the UK we have chosen received a kick-off funding round of £20,000, with $20,000 going to each of our US chosen charities as well. The GDS family are excited to engage with the charities and their young people through various fundraising events throughout the year.


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2020 was a strenuous year for many and GDS wanted to lighten the load for those that needed it most during the festive period. Working in partnership with Bristol City Councils Families in Focus team, GDS gave a helping hand to some of Bristol’s lowest income and vulnerable families by funding 200 hampers with all the key ingredients needed to make a Christmas dinner. All produce contained in the hampers came from local community farm shops, as well as organic and ethical suppliers.




In 2019 we focused on supporting the amazing work being done by Mental Health Charities. Through GDS’s funding efforts, we raised over £26,000 for Mind in the UK and a further $35,803 and $54,109 for NAMI-NYC and NAMI-MIAMI respectively which helps individuals and families in the US affected by mental illness.

Wendy Burch – Executive Director NAMI NYS accepting a cheque from GDS in our NYS office with Oliver Smart SVP sales.

“What a great group! NAMI-NYS is so grateful for your generosity! We will put the funds to good use!”Wendy Burch

“Your email truly made my day – my month!  It is our honor to meet with the local GDS Group and receive such a generous donation to NAMI Miami-Dade to continue our no cost programs to the youth and adults in our community.” – Kathryn Coopla, Executive Director at NAMI Miami.


With the help of our charitable partners, GDS Summits set out in 2018 to aid the fight against homelessness. 

Here are some of the ways our employees and attendees came together to support those in need:


Shelter helps millions of people a year who struggle with inadequate housing and homelessness across the UK.

A Grand Day Out

Re-creating iconic scenes from the Back to the Future series in a localised scavenger hunt, the Bristol team raised funds for the UK-based homeless charity Shelter. Proudly, GDS Group is a corporate sponsor of Shelter England.

In total, GDS raised £19,141 for Shelter in 2018.

Find out more about Shelter. 

Coalition for the Homeless

Based in New York City, the Coalition for the homeless has been helping people since 1981.

In 2018, GDS employee Oliver Smart from the New York office took on a sponsored weight-loss challenge to raise funds for the charity. He exceeded his goal and lost a total of 19lbs in 6 weeks!

The total amount raised by the GDS New York office in 2018 was $21,080.

Find out more about Coalition for the Homeless.

Chapman Partnership

A local Florida charity, Chapman Partnership provides shelter to around 5,000 men and women every year. 

GDS Miami raised a total of $19,433 for their charity in 2018.

Find out more about Chapman Partnership. 



In 2012 GDS raised over £100,000 for the National Autistic Foundation.

GDS have long been passionate supporters and fundraisers for charities that support autism and through a range of company-wide activities such as mountain climbs, quizzes and even our own CEO running the London Marathon, we managed to hit this fantastic figure!

In recognition of the efforts by the whole GDS team, Spencer was invited to No 10 Downing Street along with his wife Emily to meet the then Prime Minister David Cameron, and ambassadors from the Autistic Foundation.

“It was an inspirational effort from the GDS team, who, across the business, got behind such a worthwhile cause. The challenge to parents and the individuals with autism can be enormous. It was a pleasure to meet the PM, but much more inspiring to meet some of the Autistic Ambassadors.  GDS is a community, family and everyone rallied around the cause to try and support and make a difference, creating a positive impact internally and in a small way externally”. – Spencer Green, 2012