GDS is full of talent. What could we achieve for our communities if we gave them just a fraction of our time?

We have lots of mantras for success at GDS. But perhaps the one that’s closest to our hearts is “Work hard and be nice to people”. It can’t all be about profits and proceeds. Sometimes you have to give a little something back.

GDS Cares, our charity initiative, was formed with two key aims: to give back to the communities in which GDS’ people live, work and play; and to channel our talents towards raising money for good causes.

In the past 12 months alone we’ve run more miles, climbed more mountains, baked more cakes, worn more ridiculous outfits and raised more money for charitable causes than ever before. We’ve formed bonds with local charitable groups – and each other – and made a meaningful difference to the lives of those in the communities in which we work.

Most of all, we’ve enjoyed doing it. GDS Group takes its role as a responsible corporate citizen seriously – but not so seriously that we can’t have fun along the way. There’s always room for laughter when you’re making the world a better place.