Why Marketing Will Never be the Same

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Learn to map out the digital customer journey to make end to end experiences that matter

Discover how to make the most of your customer data

Delve into customer acquisition, retention and loyalty

Strategize on perfecting your CX and content journey

Explore building brand intimacy with your customers

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Speakers Include

Priya Mukhedkar

Shane Rahmani

Cleber Dantas Silva

VP Consumer Products, Global Promotions

SVP and GM, New Media

Global Martech Director

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Event Agenda

Morning one

Opening Keynote

Interactive Panels



Lessons Learned Post Pandemic: Why Marketing Will Never Be the Same

What lessons were learnt about eCommerce during the pandemic?

Panel 1: End to End Experiences that Matter: Mapping Out The Digital Customer Journey

How can you cultivate effective customer journey maps? 

Cleber Dantas, Global MarTech Director, Anheuser-Busch InBev

Track 1: Perfecting your CX & Content Journey

Creating relatable, authentic, and memorable experiences for your customers that translate into purchasing decisions.


Track 2: Customer Data – How To Make The Most Of What Is Available

Using data and analytics to put your customers at the heart of your decision-making process.

Track 3: Customer Acquisition, Retention, and Loyalty

Building more awareness of your brand, getting into your customer's consideration pool, and winning their final purchasing decision.

What Makes a True Partner?

Morning two


The Conversion Conversation

Can communicating convincingly cause conversion?  

Interactive Panels

Panel 1:  Out With the Old, In With the Micro-Influencer

What makes working with micro influencers so successful a strategy to implement?

Panel 2:  The Three Silos Killing Your Digital Marketing Strategy

To keep pace with consumer’s demand for cross-channel content, brands are incorporating a variety of marketing strategies, third-party agencies, and publishing tools.

Interactive Panels

Track 1: Perfecting your CX & Content Journey

Track 2: Customer Data – How To Make The Most Of What Is Available

Track 3: Customer Acquisition, Retention, and Loyalty


A Challenge Addressed! Solution Provider Case Study



"You Want How Much!?" - Justifying Marketing Spend

In the current climate, how do we present the much-needed conversation of putting more funding into digital marketing?


Panel 1: Building Brand Intimacy With Your Customers

The ability to generate positive emotions in a customer helps brands drive sales and customer loyalty

Ellis Smith, CMO, Kelly Gmbh


Track 1: Perfecting your CX & Content Journey

Track 2: Customer Data – How To Make The Most Of What Is Available

Track 3: Customer Acquisition, Retention, and Loyalty

Closing Keynote

Technology Enabling the Future

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Calling All Outstanding Digital Marketing Leaders 


This award will recognize any Digital Marketing professional who has made a significant contribution to their organization over the last 12 months. Judges are particularly interested to see examples of how individuals have shown outstanding leadership to utilize new digital channels or (combine existing channels in novel ways) to improve targeting, maximize reach, increase brand penetration and awareness, and ultimately contribute to the bottom-line.

Finalists will be informed in advance of the Summit, and the winner of the Digital Marketing Leader of the Year Award will be presented at a live virtual ceremony during the Summit.

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