Continuous compliance: creating the strongest trust and brand reputation

21st September 2023, America 12:00 - 13:30 EST

In the constantly evolving digital landscape, how do you ensure the protection of your customers, your reputation, and your company against regulatory fines?

Being resilient does not mean that you are not going to have problems – it means you know how to bounce right back when problems happen. Successful enterprises maintain resiliency plans, but IT operations are not always aligned with those plans. IT has, historically, been tasked to be as efficient as possible, but efficiency and resiliency can be opposing forces.

An accelerating rate of digital transformation, begun during the pandemic but still in force, has led to an exponential growth of data and transactions. This, in turn, has in made enterprise resiliency highly dependent on IT – making it one of the top strategic priorities for technology executives as they strive to develop a set of best practices for better aligning IT and business resiliency.

Given this challenge, it is imperative to take an application-centric view when establishing IT resiliency plans. Preserve your organization’s reputation. Join Broadcom Inc and your industry peers to explore these challenges, share your experiences, and discuss best practices at this Meet the Boss virtual round table.

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About Broadcom

Broadcom’s Mainframe Software Division empowers customers to amplify the value of their mainframe investments. Our commitment to partnership is grounded in delivering to customers greater success with the platform. It starts with embracing open technologies in ways that unite the mainframe and hybrid cloud environments. Our leading DevOps, AIOps, Security, Infrastructure, and Data Management software solutions and innovative value programs go beyond code to unlock the platform’s full potential.

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Discussion topics

How are you optimizing your IT infrastructure for operational resilience?

How well is your organization protected from cybersecurity attacks?

How are you modernizing to improve application resilience?

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Closed door, tailored conversations to benchmark, share and get better equipped to solve complex transformation projects.

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Meet industry leading like-minded executives tackling similar initiatives.

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Discover and network to gain expertise and experience on how to best act and succeed.

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Accelerate In-depth face time with the world’s leading tech companies pushing the boundaries to solve your challenges.

"Very engaging on the right topics and with the right people, I very much look forward to (attending more) in the future"
Alex Boehme, CTO, H&M Group
"Since the session I did have several of the attendees reach out to me. We were able to grow our networks, connect together, share experiences, and I look forward to continuing those dialogs into the future"
Jeffrey Johnson, Vice President, Chief Information Security Officer and Chief Security Officer, Siemens Health Affairs for North America
"A great mixture of good topics, great technology, very engaging and having some leading experts in the field being there"
Dr Brian Letort, Fellow & Chief Enterprise Architect, Northrop Grumman
"It's not a business of selling, it's a business of sharing. And so GDS helps create the environment to share with trust."
David Kidder, CEO & Co-Founder, Bionic
"The roundtables were really valuable sessions."
Mike Welna, Senior Information Security Director, Boys Town
"I made quite a few contacts that will be beneficial to me."
Margaret Bond, Director of Cyber Security, Numotion
"This is not your typical zoom. This is a lot more innovative. The look and feel is far more advanced than what I've seen before. "
Marty Sprinzen, Founder & CEO, Vantiq

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Solve key challenges and ensure relevant discussions connect with outcomes efficiently and at pace.


Access to industry leading like-minded executives tackling similar initiatives


Collaborate and network to gain expertise and experience on how to best act and succeed


In-depth face time with the world’s leading tech companies pushing the boundaries to solve your challenges

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Meet with fellow industry leaders and solve today’s greatest business challenges.

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