Omnichannel Sales Strategies and Cross-Border Challenges

20th March 2023, Europe 12:30 - 14:00 CET

How to make a splash through global marketplaces?

Retail e-commerce has more than doubled in the last five years, jumping from $425 billion to more than $875 billion in the US alone (Statista 2022). However, consumer behaviours have changed and, to keep up with new ways of purchasing, retailers can no longer operate alone.

By extending beyond e-commerce and embracing new channels and touchpoints, such as third-party marketplaces, retailers can expect to reap profit margins of more than 20 percent (Bloomforth 2022).

In addition to drawing in new customer audiences, marketplaces also give merchants of every size an easy way to connect with international shoppers. This cross-border traffic represents an important opportunity for seller ecosystems. As Forbes recently shared, cross-border e-commerce is forecasted to increase by about 13 percent to more than $2.1 trillion in 2023, up from an estimated $1.9 trillion in 2022.

So, how can you expand into new sales channels while maintaining a unified brand image? How can you extend your offering and simultaneously achieve operational excellence through order management? And how do you decipher which channels will supercharge your e-commerce strategy?

Join this Meet the Boss roundtable with your peers and ChannelEngine, where we will discuss the importance of marketplaces and how they can improve your eCommerce profile.

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About ChannelEngine

With a single powerful integration, ChannelEngine connects your systems to international marketplaces and sales channels while optimizing sales, minimizing time, and maximizing profit and reach. It is purposely built for brands, distributors, and retailers.

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Discussion topics


Are you currently scaling (direct to consumer business) cross-border to marketplaces and third-party sales channels? If so, what challenges have you encountered?


What do you see as main challenges in the ecommerce customer journey?


What are your key ecommerce successes that you have had within your company?

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"Very engaging on the right topics and with the right people, I very much look forward to (attending more) in the future"
Alex Boehme, CTO, H&M Group
"Since the session I did have several of the attendees reach out to me. We were able to grow our networks, connect together, share experiences, and I look forward to continuing those dialogs into the future"
Jeffrey Johnson, Vice President, Chief Information Security Officer and Chief Security Officer, Siemens Health Affairs for North America
"A great mixture of good topics, great technology, very engaging and having some leading experts in the field being there"
Dr Brian Letort, Fellow & Chief Enterprise Architect, Northrop Grumman
"It's not a business of selling, it's a business of sharing. And so GDS helps create the environment to share with trust."
David Kidder, CEO & Co-Founder, Bionic
"The roundtables were really valuable sessions."
Mike Welna, Senior Information Security Director, Boys Town
"I made quite a few contacts that will be beneficial to me."
Margaret Bond, Director of Cyber Security, Numotion
"This is not your typical zoom. This is a lot more innovative. The look and feel is far more advanced than what I've seen before. "
Marty Sprinzen, Founder & CEO, Vantiq

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