Digital showcases
drive new pipeline

Show your expertise and technology solutions within an immersive digital environment and meet key senior decision makers.

  • 90 minute digital showcase
  • Live broadcasting studio, event platform, staffing
  • End to end client management, content and delivery team
  • Master of ceremonies
  • Incognito livestreaming link
  • Branded customized set
  • Have your speakers join digitally or visit our studios in Bristol to join physically.

What is a showcase?

A flexible, immersive event experience that can be crafted and shaped according to your needs. From company town halls and global partner updates to new product launches and global thought leadership talks.

  • Custom branded digital set design with dedicated studio team and presenter
  • Flexibility to extend from a standard running time of 90 minutes
  • End-to-end client management, content and delivery team as per your needs
  • Choose to have your speakers join digitally or visit our studios in Bristol to join and present physically

Why partner with GDS on a Digital Showcase?

Profitable growth

Accelerating profitable revenue growth.

Market share

Win market share - net new logo acquisition.

Account Expansion

Existing account expansion - accelerating opportunities with new lines of business.

Elevate conversations

Reaching senior decision makers.

Brand value

Increasing brand awareness and staying front of mind.

Trusted advisor

Positioning your organization as a ‘trusted advisor’.

What is the showcase process?

  • Your objectives
  • Your solution
  • Your showcase
  • Your attendees
First we will spend time with you to work out the objectives for your showcase in order to come up with the best possible use of our showcase environments for your event, be it a new product launch, a global investor update or company town hall.
We will dig deep into the challenges that your solution solves as well as your areas of thought leadership & expertise. This will enable us to help propose the best use of elements within the run of show, maximizing impact.
We will help you to establish your event narrative, format and content. We will assist you with overarching themes, event titles, synopsis, speakers and discussion topics.

We can guide you on best practice, where to include audience engagement and what content could work for you.
You can invite your own delegation or work with us to source either a part or all of the attendees. There are two approaches we can take to sourcing your delegation; the target list or a wishlist.

If we are aquiring attendees, we will request a wishlist/target attendee profile to ensure we get the attendees you want to join you. Our expert aquisition teams will then work tirelessly to get these people to your showcase. During our regular check-ins you will be kept up-to-date with the progress of our specialist aquisition teams.
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Run of show elements

Pick and choose elements to suit your needs or create your own

Keynote sessions

Sessions for single speakers to deliver powerful keynote presentations to pique your audiences attention and spark new ideas


Panels and fireside chats

Discuss challenges, case studies and solutions in a 1:1 format or as a panel of 4, moderated by your master of ceremonies


Polls and interactive Q&A

Live polls and audience Q+A sessions with facilitated discussion to create engagement and interaction


Quizzes and debates

Test your audiences knowledge through quizzes or provoke thoughts through moderated debates on topics of your choosing

Upcoming Digital Showcases


Take our partnership to another level

Maximize your marketing budget and make an impact with GDS studios. Deliver measurable returns with creatively produced content for your marketing needs.

  • Creative content
  • Production services
  • Customized immersive experiences

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