A New Wave of EHS Opportunity

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Learn how to harness new emerging technology and a new wave of EHS opportunity

Discover the use of safety data as a predictive tool

Delve into the shift in employee demographic and the impact on talent and training

Strategize on interventions to combat mental health

Explore the best practices for optimizing industrial hygiene

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Speakers Include

Stasha Wyskiel

Bob Emery

Gardner Tabon

Senior Director, Resilience, Global Safety and Security


Vice President, Safety, Risk Management and Accessible Services Management

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Event Agenda

Opening Keynote

Interactive Panels



Policies Don't Save Lies, People Save Lives: Reimagining SIF Intervention

Panel 1: IOT Enriched Environment and the Evolution of the Connected Worker

Panel 2: Confronting Employer Retaliation for Whistleblowers  

Track 1: Talent, Training and the Employee Demographic Shift

COVID has accelerated digitalization, normalized entirely new ways of working and, in many cases led to mass restructuring and shrinking of workforces.

Track 2: Digital Transformation of the Workplace

Workplaces are transforming rapidly as industries continue to adopt new technology to enhance their people and processes.

What Makes a True Partner?


An Invisible Risk: Smart Interventions to Combat Mental Health

What has changed in mental health management over recent years and what can we see on the horizon for 2021?

Interactive Panels

Panel 1: Harnessing Emerging Technology and a New Wave of EHS Opportunity 

How can safety leaders make savvy decisions to harness and incorporate new tech into safety management systems to truly take advantage of all industry 4.0 has to offer?

Panel 2: Best Practices for Optimizing Industrial Hygiene 


Track 1: Talent, Training and the Employee Demographic Shift

Track 2: Digital Transformation of the Workplace

Track 3: Taking on Sustainability and Environmental Impact


A Challenge Addressed! Solution Case Study


Technology Enabling the Future - Solution Provider Vision

Interactive Panels

Panel 1: Wake Up and Smell the Roses: How Fatigue is Impacting Employees

Panel 2: Redefining the Role of the EHS Executive

With EHS leaders taking on more responsibilities and wearing more hats, where do we draw the line?


Track 1: Talent, Training and the Employee Demographic Shift

Track 2: Digital Transformation of the Workplace

Track 3: Taking on Sustainability and Environmental Impact

Closing Keynote

High Tech and High Touch: Using Safety Data as a Predictive Tool

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Track 3Taking on Sustainability and Environmental Impact

What are the best practices, tools and procedures to engage organizations from the boardroom to the shop floor, with environmental initiatives?

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