Sales Leadership in the Digital Future

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Learn how to achieve forecasting accuracy - throw out your crystal ball

Discover enabling the seller to engage the informed buyer

Delve into redefining the sales culture in the new normal

Strategize on driving lead generation in a digital-first world

Explore why it's good that sales has changed forever

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Speakers Include

Mary Tafuri

Jim Gallic

Terry Coutsolioutsos

Chief Sales Enablement Officer

SVP Sales

SVP Marketing, Sales Operations, and Communications

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Opening Keynote

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Why It's Good that Sales Has Changed Forever: Embracing Value-based Selling

How can we shift mindsets from hoping things will go back to the way they were to instead building a ‘new better’?

Michael Fino, Channel COO, IBM

Session 1: Hit Your Number: How to Build a Winning (& Leading) Go-to-market Strategy

Steve Bryerton, VP Sales, ZoomInfo

Session 2Combating Zoom Fatigue: A Thinktank on Effective Digital Engagement

Jim Gallic, SVP Sales, Welltok | Beverly Rider, Chief Commercial Officer, Hitachi |  Marek Wasilewski, SVP Global Sales, Mavenir

Track 1: Driving Lead Generation in a Digital-first World

What is the future of lead generation?  

Track 2: Enabling the Seller to Engage the Informed Buyer

In this environment, how do you enable sellers with the assets and skills they need to have the right conversations with customers at the right time?

Track 3: Redefining Sales Culture in the New Normal

What did you learn about productivity, motivation and wellbeing from the experiences of the last few months?

The Future of Sales

Tiffani Bova, Global Growth Evangelist, Salesforce

Morning two

Opening Keynote

Timing is Everything: How Sales Enablement & Buyer Enablement Work Together

With the buyer(s) being more informed and therefore having more power than ever, how do you make the B2B buying journey as easy and as streamlined as possible?

Mary TafuriChief Sales Enablement Officer, IBM

Interactive Panels

Panel 1:  Beyond Sales & Marketing: Revenue Alignment

How can you leverage technology, data and company culture to create true revenue alignment?

Interactive Panels

Track 1: Driving Lead Generation in a Digital-first World

Track 2: Enabling the Seller to Engage the Informed Buyer

Track 3: Redefining Sales Culture in the New Normal


Voice of Sales: How Leaders are Harnessing Digital Technology to Increase Revenue

Jayme Smithers,  Chief Revenue Officer, Thoughtexchange | Aaron Mitler,  VP Account Management, NetSuite


Technology Enabling the Future - Solution Provider Vision



Track 1: Driving Lead Generation in a Digital-first World

Track 2: Enabling the Seller to Engage the Informed Buyer

Track 3: Redefining Sales Culture in the New Normal

Closing Keynote

Sales Compensation in Crisis: Seize the Opportunity!

Is this a unique opportunity to really solidify or re-work the sales workforce value proposition?

Kevin Raybon, Chairman, Global Sales Operations Association

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Panel 1: We Still Need to Fix the Basics: Developing a Dynamic Coaching Approach

How do you create formality around your coaching approach and what are the benefits of doing this? 

Mike McGovern,  Managing Director Sales, Ciber Global

Carlos Cornejo,  SVP Sales Excellence, Mastercard

Todd Hoover,  Chief Revenue Officer, Equifax

Peter Mullen,  VP Marketing & Communications, VXI Global

Jessica Newman, Chief Revenue Officer, TruGreen

Terry Coutsolioutsos,  SVP Marketing, Sales Operations & Communications, Siemens Healthineers