GDS Group Named Number Two Top-Rated UK Workplace by

Indeed analysed millions of employee ratings and reviews on the Indeed company pages to determine which are Britain’s top-rated tech employers’

GDS Group, the global B2B events and technology services company, has been named number two on Indeed’s Top-Rated UK Workplace: Best in Technology.

The announcement was made on Wednesday, Sept. 25, as Indeed updated their annual list in a sector that has continuously “succeeded in shrugging off many of the Brexit concerns that have slowed the pace of business investment elsewhere.”

According to their website, Indeed “For the first time… analysed millions of employee ratings and reviews on the Indeed Company Pages to determine, from a workers’ point of view, which are Britain’s top-rated tech employers.”

According to Indeed, GDS Group and other companies were selected based on a “proprietary algorithm to rank companies using a variety of factors, such as average rating, number of reviews, and the history of job openings… The ranking methodology is applied uniformly across all companies, in all lists.”

Apple came in number one on the list, followed by GDS Group, Cisco, Microsoft, and Siemens rounding out the Top 5.

Spencer Green, Founder and Chairman of GDS Group commented: 

“It is a great and humbling honour to be included on this list, with some of the largest and most successful companies globally. The credit though, rests squarely on the shoulders of all of our employees around the world who work tirelessly to deliver high-quality experiences for our customers, and also to inspire each other every day.”

Tanya Thomas, CEO of GDS Group further commented:

“The importance of our inclusive company culture is paramount to what we do every day. It’s the North Star that we follow to make sure every interaction with GDS Group, both internally and externally is something we’re proud of. To be recognized for this is a huge achievement that we are grateful for.”