Gustavo Roisinblit of Invicta Stores wins “Omnichannel Leader of the Year North America 2020”

GDS Group has today announced the winners of its annual NA Omnichannel Leader of the Year awards.

Gustavo Roisinblit - Omnichannel Gold Winner of the Year 2020

  • Omnichannel Leader of the Year is awarded in recognition of business and marketing transformation efforts during the pandemic which have helped companies to provide more impactful marketing campaigns
  • Omnichannel Leader of the Year Awards took place during virtual ceremony at the Omnichannel Digital Summit, hosted by GDS
  • Silver was awarded to Praveen Moturu, Vice President of Digital Technologies and Chief Enterprise Architect for Mars whilst the Bronze award was received by Luiz Henrique Gondim, Global CTO at Z-Tech, an innovation group part of AB-Inbev

GDS Group, the global events, research, and technology services company, has today announced the winners of its annual Omnichannel Leader of the Year awards. Gustavo Roisinblit, VP of eCommerce for Invicta Stores was awarded Gold Winner, at the Omnichannel Leader of the Year Awards which were hosted during a live virtual ceremony at the North American Omnichannel Digital Summit 2020.

Based in Hollywood, Florida, Invicta is known for offering peerlessly crafted timepieces at affordable prices whilst satisfying the evolving fashion needs of its consumers and dedicated fans. Invicta watch stores showcase the world’s largest selection of Invicta style accessories for men and women.

Currently, Gustavo is focused on the development of Invicta’s Magenta e-commerce platform to help boost sales and revenues across &

In awarding Gustavo, the judges commented, “Gustavo has brought his experience and practical creativity to transform the business from a multichannel laggard to an omnichannel leader in its sector. By selecting and implementing the right transformation tools he has achieved a great deal and quickly, without needing to reinvent the wheel each time and so at lower cost and higher speed to market.”

By focussing on efficiency considerable savings have been made in distribution and packaging costs and environmental impacts. The new brand created shows that what is good for business can also help on our environmental journey by shifting stock that would otherwise end up in landfill.”

“Gustavo has clearly been a leader in transforming the performance of the business at a time of severe stress. His quick, precise and holistic change process, focussed on both technology and process has enable the business to thrive when others have faced existential crisis.”

In addition to the Gold “Omnichannel Leader of the Year” award, two further awards were announced. The Silver Award was given to Praveen Moturu, VP Digital Technologies and Chief Enterprise Architect for Mars, whilst the Bronze Award was awarded to Luiz Henrique Gondim, Global CTO at Z-Tech, an innovation group and part of AB-Inbev.

About the Leadership Excellence Awards

The Leadership Excellence Awards recognize excellence in senior leadership within large enterprises, whether that be through innovation, inspiring colleagues, making excellent decisions, bravery, or achieving outstanding business growth.

About the Omnichannel Digital Summit

A three-day virtual event for Marketing Leaders which took place 16-18th November 2020. Through a series of multi-dimensional keynotes, live Q&As and interactive sessions, the Omnichannel Digital Summit provided a platform for digital leaders to tackle pressing industry challenges & opportunities with likeminded marketing experts.

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