Why Differentiation Matters in Retail Experience Strategy (interviews with top retail execs)

Execs from The Walt Disney Company, Asos, Euronics & Harrods at NG Retail in Europe on differentiation as key to retail experience strategy.

GDS Group spoke with executives in the retail sector from The Walt Disney Company, Asos, Euronics and Harrods during one of our recent retail events, the NG Retail Summit in Europe, on why brands need to find their voice and differentiate among competitors as a key component in retail experience strategy.

Edwin Van Der Meerendonk, VP European Supply Chain at The Walt Disney Company, explains that many large retailers are facing an existential crisis—particularly in the face of disruptively agile up-and-coming brands. Many online retailers are trying to compete with Amazon, as are many brick-and-mortar retailers. Edwin suggests that this is not the route that they should be taking…

Watch the video for more insights like these from Edwin, along with soundbites from Pascal Duval Slothouwer (Head of Creative at ASOS.com), Jochen Mauch (Chief Marketing Officer at Euronics), and David Boyle (Customer Insights Director at Harrods) on the need for a retail experience strategy that suits a brand’s unique value points.


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