Spotlite – Redefining Sales Enablement for ‘The New Normal’

A bitesized report built out from insights provided by the Sales leaders looking to transform their RevGen strategies for 2021.

Challenges for Sales leaders in 2021 Include:

  • Adjusting to an Uncertain, Post-COVID World
  • Effective Communication & Forecasting
  • Building Trust Virtually

These are all solutions that the CSO is expected to resolve in order to guarantee sales enablement in 2021.

Here, we’ve rounded up the some of the key insights* from global senior Chief Sales Officers – perfect for the sales leader on the move.

*Insights taken from the GDS Group North American & European RevGen Summits held during March and May.

Charting a New Course for Revenue Growth Lauren Kelly, Chief Marketing Officer, ThoughtExchange. Former PepsiCo & Dell Executive

Keynote on the value to of leadership capital in sales enablement and how it can be used to inspire further success.

  • 2020 Changes: “2020 was a perfect storm, where leaders were faced with questions on how to ensure a thriving future for their business on the one hand, whilst also adapting to a long overdue but hastily rolled out future of work.”
  • CSO Responsibility: “What we all realized as leaders is that it was up to us to chart a new course for revenue growth.”
  • Future Complications: “The problems have gotten more complex and the solutions are not as obvious as they used to be, the good news is that technology is better too.”

Sales Leadership in the Digital FutureRainer Stern, Global Vice President of Sales Acceleration and Leadership, SAP

A guide to how sales enablement leaders can prepare their organization and teams for the digital future via the VUCA Prime model.

  • Understanding the Customer: “Human interaction remains the key component for change in business now and in the future.
  • Leadership Priorities: “We need to excel at critical, creative and innovative thinking.
  • The Sales Reality: “Dealing with pressure in sales is something you have on your schedule everyday, but psychological safety leads to trust.”
  • Competitor Analysis: “What are your comeptitors doing? What’s new in your industry? When you are in the know, you’ll be able to anticipate threats and take advantage of new opportunities”.

The 2021 Threat Landscape For Sales LeadersKelly Riggs, President, The Business LockerRoom, Author of Counter Mentor Leadership

A talk which delves into the means by which sales leaders can navigate the threat landscape both in 2021 and as we build for the future.

  • Business Adaptability: “When we talk about the threat landscape in 2021, I think the largest threat is still the most obvious one and that’s the inability for companies to pivot based on current circumstances.”
  • Preparing Salespeople: “As the buying process itself changes, not only do we as salespeople need to change the way we look at what we do, but we also have to change to how the customer is changing on the field.”
  • Sales Training: “Frankly, as a guy who trains sales people for a living, sales training is not very effective. It’s not because we’re not teaching the right things, it’s not because we don’t do it well, it’s because the system is broken.”

What Does A Top Seller Look Like in the Digital Era?Anita Nielsen, President, LDK Advisory Services, Author of Beat the Bots

A keynote seminar looking at the modern sales professional and how we can support their growth.

  • The Modern Sales Professional: “The modern sales professional, they find a really good balance between the knowledge that they need, the skills that are required to do their job, and the will, or ability, to make the right choice at the right time.”
  • Future Aims: “At some point, as a company you make a decision to empower, enable and educate these modern sales professionals and that then becomes a part of your sales strategy and your go to market strategy.
  • Recruitment: “We need to revamp the entire process from recruiting to interviewing and do it from the lens of, what knowledge am I looking for? What skills am I looking for?”

The Sales Landscape Is Changing… Are You? – Larry Long Jr, Founder & CEO, LLJR Enterprises

A conversation focused on future-proofing the organization for change and protecting sales enablement opportunities.

  • The Perfect Salesperson: “We all get hit with obstacles, I need those that find ways over them, find ways around them, find ways under them and if they have to, find a way right through them.”
  • The Race for Talent: “The race for talent is heating up so what are you doing to make sure that you keep your top sellers on your team and that they don’t look elsewhere and how do you attract brand new talent?”

An Uncertain Future?: “It’s a coin flip as to what the future looks like, but what we do know is that we’re still in the people business, but we should also be in the fun business and if we’re not, we better make a change right now.”

RevGen Insight Summits: H1 2021 – In Summary

Bitesized insights from leaders discussing transformational change at one of the most senior IT networking events in the world.

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GDS Summits are tailored 3-day virtual event conferences that bring together business leaders and solution providers to accelerate sales cycles, industry conversations and outcomes. Regarding the RevGen NA & EU Summits, 100% of Delegates said their overall experience was Above Average or Excellent, and 100% of Delegates said the Digital Summit provided them with actionable outcomes to support their current initiatives.